Flame worked borosilicate glass by artists Jesse and Shelly DeMoss.  One-of-a-kind glass art that is both beautiful and functional.

Husband and wife team Jesse & Shelly DeMoss live, laugh and create their art in the rugged mountains New Meadows, Idaho. High school sweethearts, the two both received their degrees from Boise State University and have been married since 2002. They began working with glass in 2005 when Jesse’s mom gave him a box full of lampworking supplies, including a torch. Now, neither one can imagine a life void of glass art. The duo specializes in pendants, marbles, stemware, interior hardware, bottle stoppers, lighting and sculptures.

Jesse has been recognized as one of the top glass artists in his field today and is proud to have launched his career as a self-taught artist. “I greatly credit living in a remote part of the world for the opportunity to develop a style that is unique and my own. It is kind of like an artistic incubator, being cradled by such natural beauty, but far from the influence of other styles.” Jesse is most known for his signature techniques, including his realistic eyeballs, unusual use of graal (sandblast imagery) and murrini landscapes that have been compared to paintings. His work often is whimsical and represents his fun-loving sense of humor. A few of his most recent achievements include being awarded the Glasscraft Emerging Artist award and the honor of a permanent collection in the Kobe Glass Art Museum in Japan.

Jesse’s passion for glass was contagious and soon the shop was being expanded so that Shelly could work alongside him. She specializes in pendants, particularly floral designs. “The best compliment is when people ask, ‘How did you get that flower in there?’ assuming it might be real. I love that.”


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